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Bodycam Interviews

Started by Ron Barker, 25 Oct, 2017, 06:34 PM

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Ron Barker

Bodycams could be used for interviews outside police stations  Officers could soon be allowed to interview suspects at crime scenes using body-worn video (BWV) under proposed changes to legislation.

The Home Office is consulting on amendments to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) that would enable officers to use BWV for interviews outside police stations.

The Government also intends to strengthen protections for interviewees and require all interviews to be recorded when audio devices are available.

The plans include a definition of vulnerability to clarify when suspects must be granted access to an appropriate adult or a solicitor.....


Another nail in the coffin for legal aid firms.

The bail changes mean the police take forever and a day to investigate offences and even when they reach a stage where a prosecution can be brought, it takes months for a summons to be issued.

Now people just won't bother asking for representation at all if they can be interviewed there and then at the crime scene.

Ron Barker

I am not sure that it will make all that much difference.  The police can interview a suspect away from the police station already.  The officer must of course inform the suspect that they are entitled to legal advice etc.  The bodycam will ensure this is done.


The body cam makes it easier for the police. Presumably at the minute they would have to make a contemp note.

I hope you're right though.

Ron Barker

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See the paper re Draft Code E it appears the idea is to use the bodycam rather that, as you say, written note of interview.

Revising PACE codes C, H, E and F - GOV.UK:
Statutory consultation on the revision of PACE codes C (detention), H (detention - terrorism), E (audio recording of suspect interviews) and F (visual recording of suspect interviews).
Source:  www.gov.uk
  (Edit sorry I posted wrong link)

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