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Police Investigation

Started by Tooms, 22 May, 2017, 10:09 AM

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Howdy guys. I have been away for a while having been a regular on the CSDN site. Hopefully one of you guys can help because I have drawn a blank.

My client (A) has been accused of an offence by someone (B). He plays an amateur sport and so B told the sporting membership body (C).

C reported it to the police and banned A from playing until the end of the investigation. However this was 6 months ago, he is still banned, and no one knows what is happening.

C reported it to a police force, cant remember which, so X. This is where C is based. However A lives somewhere else and so Police force X referred it to Police force Y. However B is at Uni somewhere else and so Police force Y say they referred it to Police force Z.

No one has any record of it except for Police force X. No one can give the name of an investigating officer or an update. Client A has not been contacted, no interview, nothing.

I have suggested contacting Police force X regularly until someone calls him back as they have some info at least. I have also suggested making a Data Protection Act Subject request to see if there is an investigation and if so who is running it.

He wants to start playing sport again but I have run out of ideas. Anyone got a suggestion for the next steps to take ?



Hi toons.

Let sleeping dogs lie as far as police are concerned.
I would merely seek the club to review their ban on basis no progress, no interview.   I've seen similar clubs put restrictions on partaking rather than an outright ban.  eg not being alone, can't attend certain functions.


Thats not a bad idea.

Client is determined to clear his name so I fear the advice will not be appreciated but will try it.


As you know "clear your name" never really happens.

Fingers crossed let us know how you got on with your client and the club.  

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